My Financing USA

My Financing USA offers loans for RV and Boat Financing. Before the website redesign, it lacked a clear structure and hierarchy and was difficult to navigate. The navigation used harsh, bright red and blue colors that were not pleasing to the eye. Additionally, the branding was not consistent or strong enough to instill confidence in users who were considering applying for a loan online. The main objective was to create a website that was both legitimate and approachable, with landing pages that would establish trust and encourage users to apply for an RV or boat loan.

During the branding process, the new logo had already been established. It is modern and effortless, while still being an updated version of the previous logo. The color palette was changed to a deeper blue and a richer red, giving the branding a more modern “Americana” feel.

The images chosen are bright, and engaging, and feature happy people camping and enjoying leisurely outdoor activities. These images were selected to evoke feelings of vacationing and travel, encouraging users to purchase an RV or boat with the financial services My Financing USA provides.

The UI design included call-to-action buttons and links in every section to make the application process easily accessible, no matter where users navigated on the site.

As a result of the new branding and redesigned website, conversions increased by 43% and continued to rise during the busy season.

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